Meegan Slattery (Fulcrum)

Webmaster, Author/Editor, Artist.

Kyra Slattery

Keeper of the Holocron, Map Reader, Editor, Artist.

Meegan (18) and Kyra (15), are best friends & sisters born and raised in the Cayman Islands. They are both equestrians, wildlife & nature photographers, artists, and travelers. They also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, prop design and cosplay.

I created this website so people could have access to the timelines and watch guides Kyra and I created. We couldn’t find any comprehensive ones online that included all of the TV shows and books, so we made our own. I hope they help you with your Star Wars adventures! – Fulcrum

Some pictures from our adventures!

Oh and this is our adventure Loth-cat, Hobbes, who’s also a part time Jedi.

If you’re interested in our photography, travel or art instagrams:

Meegan – @meegans14_photography

Kyra – @kyras11_photography @thepurpleplantart

Hobbes – @hobbes_at_large

Family Channel – @alltheplaces2go


“The simplest gesture of kindness can fill a galaxy with hope”

– Bail Organa